Google Adwords Webmaster Tool Analytics

Google Adwords Webmaster Tool Analytics

Google Adwords Webmaster Tool Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by GOOGLE; it provides a complete web-analysis services.  It trails and reports the website traffic. These Analytic functions launched the service in November 2005. After a whole survey, we concluded that Google Analytics is the most excessively used web analytics service on the Internet.

There are 10 services you need to learn about Google Analytics:

  1. It learns what people are searching for on your site.
  2. It provides you a roadmap, which online campaigns bring the most traffic and conversion rates.
  3. It evokes what people click on the most on your site.
  4. It checks your most crucial analytics data
  5. It classifies where your best visitors are located.
  6. It counts the number of visitors on your site
  7. It mentions the websites who send traffic to your site.
  8. It justifies the pages on your site that are the most popular.
  9. It teaches you how to improve the speed of the site and how to optimize.
  10. Which blog-post has the lowest bounce-rate? (It means; what is most liked by visitors?)

What is GOOGLE Adwords?

A Google AdWords is online advertising software (program) of GOOGLE. Google AdWords provides you to create the ads on online platform. It helps you to reach people exactly when they’re interested in the products and services that you offer.

How Google AdWords is linked with Google Analytics?

When you join Google Analytics to your AdWords manager account; It helps you to analyze users/customers activity on your website. It analysis the clicks on an Ad which is linked with any of the AdWords accounts within your manager account. With this report, you can find that how much of your website traffic or business comes from AdWords. It eventually leads to profit (benefit) and helps you to improve your Ads and website.

What is Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Webmaster Tool is an escort of Google SEO tools. It provides the data and control for your website/web-pages in Google. GWT offers you some paid tools for your site if you’re unable to find the value in Google Webmaster of your SEO working on the website.

Why there is need to consult Google Webmaster Tools instead of Google Analytics?

GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) is all about metrics:

  1. What’s getting indexed?
  2. What’s getting linked?
  3. What’s getting traffic?

Google Webmaster Tools provides an entirely various and a comprehensive view.

GWT provides a good understanding and tools for your page error. It offers insights about Metadata. It describes the keywords which Google pairs with your site, and more. No doubt, if you get familiar with these tools and reports, it can improve your website/web-page and your SEO strategies.

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